Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Wreath DIY

So yesterday I caught the craft bug.  I was browsing Michaels for canvases for another project I had in mind, but found myself in the wreath aisle.  I've been meaning to make a spring wreath since I took down the winter one, in, oh, you know, February.  So, while spring has all but passed us by, I decided to make a pretty summer wreath! 

Here's what I bought:                                                              
Straw wreath                                                                          
Roll of burlap                                                                          
Letter H                                                                                    
And here's what I already had:
Needle and thread
Paint and paintbrush
Hot glue gun

First I wrapped the wreath in burlap.  I started by pinning it into place on the backside with sewing pins, and then wrapped it around, overlapping as I went so there was double thickness all around.  When I got back to where I started, I wrapped it around tightly a few times to get it straight and then pinned it into place again on the back.  I wondered about the pins, but they seemed really secure so I was happy with that.  I may go back and hot glue it as well.

Next I gathered all sizes of round things I had on hand, traced them, and cut them out.  The circles aren't perfect, but I think that adds to the charm!

To make the flowers, I put several circles of felt together with a button on top and sewed the button on by hand through all the layers.  I made some large, medium, and small flowers.

 I also painted the letter H with some light gray paint that we had left over from a sample jar.
Once I had everything ready, I arranged and rearranged it all on the wreath until I liked the way it looked.  I thought the felt flowers were too flat by themselves, so I overlapped them slightly to make the ends press upward.  It wasn't exactly what I had imagined, but I liked that effect, so I went with it.  Then I hot glued everything into place.

For the tie at the top, I folded a strip of burlap in thirds and topped it with a ribbon, then sewed it all together at the end after it was around the wreath.  To hang it, I cut a small notch in the back to slip over our hanger. 

I'm really happy with how it turned out!  I think the bright colors in the flowers work for summer, and the burlap will still look nice into the fall season.  Oh, and the best news of all, it only cost about $16!  Love!

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  1. you are super crafty!

  2. So cute! Love the tutorial- you should do more of these this summer if you have time!

  3. I love your color scheme on the wreath!