Saturday, May 26, 2012

This Feeling

Last night as I was falling asleep, I had this feeling.  This buzz inside of me. 

After a few minutes, I realized what it was.  A perfect mix of contentment and excitement.
And a little hope and love, too.  Oh, and happiness.  Pure happiness.
Contentment about recent decisions I've made and the job I've done as a teacher for five years.
Love for my husband, family and friends.
Hope for my future.
Happiness from the combination of it all. 
But most of all, excitement.  Excitement to fall asleep and begin a new day.

Not because anything great was going on today.  No vacation, no plans, nothing special.
It was just excitement about life. 
My life.

When I woke up this morning, my husband, still groggy and about to fall back asleep said to me,
"First day of the rest of your life."

And it's true.  Yesterday was my last day of being a teacher.  For five years, I've always had this internal continuous countdown going on.  Counting the hours or minutes until school was over, the hours until I had to wake up and go to work, the days or weeks until summer was over and school started again.  Today was my first day of being free of that feeling.  And wow it feels good.

I'm going back to school to be a graphic designer.  It's something I've always loved, but never thought about doing as a job.  I was a teacher and that was it.  There were many parts of my job that I loved.  Parts of my job that I will miss immensly.  But it was also hard.  I started feeling like I needed to make a change for myself.  I'm so glad I realized that.  I'm so glad my husband and family are supporting me through this change.  Wow.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.  Cliche, but so, so true.  And I couldn't be happier.

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  1. Emma, you write so well. Just reading this made me excited for you. Congratulations!!!

  2. I'm late coming to this post but I had to say thank you for writing it! In June I had my last day of being a teacher after working in special education for 18 years. I loved the kids but the stress and constant paperwork and meetings made me decide to call it quits and do what I love. I also had that constant countdown in my head and I feel so relieved to be done.

    I'm working on my graphic design and photography business and so happy to meet someone else on this crazy journey!

    1. Hi Dana! Wow, 18 years, that's amazing! I can't believe I wrote this post over 3 months ago and I'm so glad to say the feeling is still here. Every day I feel relief and excitement and I'm so happy I made the decision to stop teaching. Do you have a blog or business website? I would love to keep in touch.