Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Day in the Life

A lot has changed for me in the last few months.  For five years, I was a teacher.  I would have had a pretty predictable career had I stayed, but I just wasn't happy anymore.  So, I decided to resign from my teaching job.  That's when this adventure began.  And it's all been happening pretty fast.

I registered to go back to school full time for graphic design and began taking online classes.  I joined Spoonflower and began entering designs in the weekly contests.  I started this blog.  I began editing photos and creating digital art.  I opened my Etsy shop, Boju Designs.  I joined twitter and pinterest and made a facebook fan page.  Recently I've started doing more DIY projects and joining link parties on other blogs. 

And that brings us to today!  It's been so much fun entering this new world!  For now, my days are free to spend them how I need to, and I'm taking advantage of it, because it will change in a few weeks when I go back to school.  So last week, I decided to log my hours to see where all my time went.  I'm curious if it's anything like your days as bloggers and/or online shop owners?

My Day:  Thursday, July 26

9:10-9:40- Wake up, shower, fix quick breakfast.  (I know, I know, I slept in.  Not setting my alarm clock is a luxury I take advantage of whenever I can.)

9:40-10:00- Check emails to see blog comments and new twitter followers.  Post my newest blog post on the Etsy blog team forum, visit other Etsy blogs and leave comments.

10:00-10:45- Check the Etsy treasury I made yesterday, look at other people's treasuries and leave comments about items I like.  Return to my blog and reply to comments.  Link up my newest project to a link party, check out some cool projects on other blogs and leave comments.

10:45-10:55- Check Spoonflower, vote in the newest fabric design contest, leave comments on my favorite fabrics. 

10:55-11:00- Try to join a twitter meet & greet, but twitter isn't working.

11:00-11:50- Look up a Photoshop tutorial on textures, try it out on some new designs.  Check the Etsy forums regarding font downloads, download new fonts.

11:50-12:05- Pack up the camera and other items, print Michaels coupons, write a "to find" list for thrift stores.

12:05-12:30- Queen Anne's Lace photoshoot in my neighborhood.

12:30-2:30- Head to Goodwill, find some goodies on my list.  Run by the bank.  Head to Michaels, use my coupons on some necessities for future blog projects.  Pick up lunch at Noodles & Co.  Think to myself 'this is a bad decision' after handing over $9.00 for a little container of noodles and an even smaller container of salad.  Head home.

2:30-2:35- See that twitter is working, quickly join the meet & greet.

2:35-3:15- Eat lunch.  Reassess my Noodles & Co. decision and decide that it was in fact the best decision I've made today.  Catch up on my newest Bravo show, Miss Advised.  I laugh, cringe, and 'aw' my way through.  But mostly I cringe.  Typical Bravo.  And I love it.

3:15-3:30- Back to the twitter meet & greet.  I see who has similar interests and follow them. 

3:30-4:30- Sketch ideas for new banner designs.

4:30-5:00- Check email, Etsy forums, and the blog.  Link up Boju Designs to a link party and tweet the party link.  Tweet my new wall art post link.  Visit other blogs from the Etsy blog team.

5:00-5:30- Edit photos, write and add a new listing on Etsy and then post it on the facebook fan page.  Take a break to check some of my favorite blogs.

5:30- Andy's home!  Kiss hubby.

5:30-5:40- Quickly check Etsy stats to see if my tags are working and to see what buyers are looking for.

5:40-7:00- Head upstairs to talk to Andy, watch an episode of House Hunters and Shark Tank together (our new fave).

7:00-7:30- Photoshoot for some holiday items (yikes) that I'm getting ready for Etsy.

7:30-7:40- Check emails, send an email, get ready to go to the YMCA.

7:40-9:00- Head to the Y with Andy, swim laps (our new thing).

9:00-9:15- Make a new page on the blog, check email and Etsy, tweet my newest treasury link.

9:15-10:30- Eat dinner with Andy (super late tonight for some reason), watch Shark Tank and Teen Mom.  (am I a sucker for reality t.v. or what?)

10:30-11:00- Browse Etsy forums, blog link parties, and Spoonflower.

11:00- Bed!

11:10- Have an idea for a blog post (my best ideas always come as I'm falling asleep) so I get up to jot it down before I forget!

11:15- Bed!

After writing this all down I've learned 3 things.

1.  I spend way too much time in front of a screen.  I'm glad this will change a little bit when I head back to school in the fall and take classes like drawing and 2D art, which will get me away from the computer more. 

2.  I am usually such a reader!  I need to make time in my day for that again.

3.  Everything I do in my day now is new to me and I'm enjoying myself more than ever!  I'm so glad I made the decision to leave teaching and start blogging and designing.  I love it.  I really hope to grow Boju Designs into a successful small business one day.

Does this sound at all like your days as a blogger/ Etsy shop owner?

Is there anything else I should be doing to support/ promote my blog/ shop?

Do you have a daily schedule with certain times set aside for specific things, or do you do a little of everything here and there like me?

I would love you hear your ideas and suggestions!

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  1. I definitely find myself checking and rechecking my blog comments, checking and rechecking to see who has found and favorited my Etsy Shop. The main thing is that you remain loving it and relaxed, as soon as it becomes all about the numbers or comments, it's not as fun. Write for you, design for you, and enjoy having others join in. Sounds like you are having fun :-)

  2. Wow, you do so many little things everyday! I'm an Etsy business owner, too, and I've found that I get more done when I consolidate my tasks into larger blocks. Like, one day I'll focus on making orders and taking pictures. The next day I might have class (I'm back in school, as well) and take those finished orders to the post office. Another day I might work on some new designs and do blog maintenance. There are a few things I do everyday, like blogging and correspondence, but the official workload changes. It keeps things from getting boring!

  3. Wow - that's a nicely packed day! I wondered though - when you said about posting your blog post to the Etsy Blog Forum.... I have never heard of that. How do you get involved in that. I own an Etsy Store, but I haven't heard of it.


    1. Hi Sarah! I just tweeted the link to you :) It's a team on Etsy that I joined.