Wednesday, August 8, 2012

so we painted. for days.

I'm so excited to say that we finally decided to paint the basement!  Look at how many choices we started with!  We just can't get enough of paint samples, apparently. 

We were all set to go with something different and choose the yellow.... but in the end, we just couldn't do it.  I was afraid it was too much like a nursery and we would regret it.  We picked the light grayish green on the right.

I used to think that we would have one of those homes with nice rich cozy wall colors in every room, but so far we've chosen light and bright.  Kind of surprises me, but so far we've been really happy with our choices.  (Except for one bathroom debacle, a super light mint green shade that we couldn't stand.  Andy repainted it a cool blue- my hero.)

Can you spot the leopard print Snuggie?  It's my one true love.  Best Christmas present ever- thanks mom!  You know those commercials with the people wearing their Snuggies out at a soccer game?  And they're all cheering on the bleachers in their Snuggies?  I remember seeing that and thinking who would do that... ever?  But I'm here to say, I've worn my Snuggie to a parade on a cold night, in the bleachers.  And I was totally that person.  No shame here.  It was awesome.

I had no idea what an undertaking painting an entire basement was going to be, or we may have never started.  We spackled, sanded, taped, and painted for most of the weekend.  Our house has quite a few small dents and dings all over the walls and baseboards.  So handy Andy is fixing up everything before we paint each room.  We're about halfway through the house now. 

On Saturday we worked from 11:00 -6:00 straight!  I'm talking no lunch break.  This was serious business.  I was so glad we stuffed our faces with McDonald's breakfast, and that I had this little guy to help me through.

Thank you, iced hazelnut coffee.  You were sent straight from heaven.

I'm also thankful that it all only took one coat!  Oh halleluia.  Oh my Lord, two coats would have sent us over the edge.  We usually go with Behr paint and primer in one, and we've been happy with it, especially this time.

You can see how much of a help the kitties were.  I mean, honestly, look at these two.

Must be rough.

I swear, I'm coming back in my second life as a pet cat.  What a life!  Andy and I always ponder what they think about all day.  Do they worry?  Do they dream?  Do they have thoughts?  Maybe some psychology majors out there can clue me in.  I heard once that cats don't have a very good memory... but I've also read that they can be trained to do tricks, so who knows.

Ah well... I'm so glad the basement is done!  We rearranged a bit, and now it's time to decorate (the walls have been bare for over a year... sad, I know).  We may even run over to Ikea on Saturday!  Love.

Any other painters out there?  Which paint do you swear by?  Or the bigger question:  which animal would you be?

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  1. I wished I had a Ikea close enough that I could just run to. haha

    We painted all the rooms in this place when we moved in, it's a rental so luckly the landlord was cool with it all, even bought the paint for us and paid us to paint for him. It is definitely my least fave thing to do considering we move a lot (military) and paint a lot but it makes the biggest difference.

    We usually go with Valspar. We like Behr but we no longer have a Home Depot as close anymore.


    1. Hi Melissa! I probably should have said "take a day trip to Ikea," because the nearest one is about two hours away. We made a list this time though, so hopefully the trip will be worth it!

  2. i liked the gray that was in the basement. you really happy with the result? glad you are half way there. oh, like you profile picture. ha!

    1. Yeah, the color was not so bad before, we just wanted to brighten it a bit. Yep, still like it 4 days later! I'll have to post some after pictures once I get the curtains up and everything situated.

  3. loved all your color options. great light for a basement. yes, painting takes time (a LOT) when you do it right the way you do. it's all in prep. i too love the behr paint/primer in one. have had very good luck with it. the cats, yup, what a life. same as the hounddog behind me. i think maybe i'd for a dog because they seem to get more 'treats' than cats. Lol! though my mother always said she'd be coming back as the cat or my brother....who apparently, has got the life.

  4. ps- love that you used your self portrait challenge for your profile pic! too damn cute girl!

    1. I'm glad one turned out so I could change up my picture!

  5. can't wait to see the finished project! we've just painted our basment-i can't believe that day is finally here! super cute kitties, and yes, what do that do all day? would it be boring to be a cat?

  6. Love that color! I am painting my basement this week too so I feel your pain.

    Thanks for stopping by our CHQ blog hop, I am now following you back. Look forward to seeing you next Thursday - or stop by our linky party tomorrow evening :)

  7. i would totally be a cat if i could also operate a remote control. hopefully we can be neighbor-cats in our second lives and watch tv together allllll day.

  8. McDonald's iced coffees are the BEST! (I did actually read your post too, haha)! Thanks so much for linking up with the Creative Headquarters Blog Hop! I hope you'll be joining us next week too! Stop by again tomorrow evening for our Keep Calm and Link Up's going to be a blast. I'm your newest follower :o)