Friday, September 14, 2012

i've been working on it, i promise

I swear, you guys, it's coming.  And it's going to be wonderful.

This week I loved:

Watching a squirrel cross a busy four lane street safely.

Seeing the "Welcome Back Art Students" sign at the local art store.

Overhearing a mother checking out math books from the library so she could work with her child at home.  Seriously my eyes may have welled up a little.  Go mom!

Catching up on the Housewives of New York episodes I've missed.  It's crazy town over there.

Eating those candy orange slices.  Could anything be more gross,  yet so good?  Okay fine, maybe they're just gross.

Opening the windows and letting in some fresh, almost fall, air.  Heaven!

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. I love those ewwey gooey orange slices. hahaha
    and my windows are wide open (so are my allergies but who cares)

  2. We've been opening the windows here, too! So nice. And you reminded me that I need to catch up on my Real Housewives watching. The New Jersey season ends soon, and I'm behind on their crazy antics.

  3. We are having some GORGEOUS fall weather here. Loving it! I like those little orange slices (and all the other random colors they come in) haha...

    Can't wait to see your armoire.


  4. We did a similar project and it took a lot of preparation, but the end result is great! It looks a lot like yours!

  5. I always hold my breath when I watch the squirrels here cross the street! And yay for almost fall!