Wednesday, September 5, 2012

wanna know what you do in art school?

You sketch a lot.  A lot, a lot.  You learn to use cool phrases like "negative space" in casual conversations (i.e. Did you know the FedEx logo has an arrow in the negative space between the e and x?)  You have long 2-3 hour classes, but you get a lot of work time, which I'm finding is very calming and awesome.  You get to be creative 100% of the day and are inspired by the talented and creative people around you.  You carry 1,000 pounds of art supplies to class.  You have 4 sketchbooks.  You have lots and lots of homework. 

Here are a few of my first assignments.

This was my first sketchbook assignment for my drawing class.  We are learning how to get the proper scale and proportion.  See those guide lines going through areas of the first sketch?  That's what we're practicing.  We aren't worried about shading or details or anything else yet.  Just getting the right sizes and placement for each object.  These sketches were about 6 hours of work.  Checking the proportions is a lot of stopping, seeing, checking, re-sketching, and so on. 

In the second sketch, we had to make our 3 objects come to life and it had to tell a story.  Ha.

I have never considered myself an artist, and have never thought I was great at drawing.  But I can't believe how much learning this one strategy has already boosted my confidence!  I would have never been able to draw this 3 weeks ago!  It's amazing, and I am absolutely excited about the semester. 

Here's my first real project.  This one was done in Adobe InDesign for my type and digital layout class.  This was the class I was most excited for because I love fonts, using words as art, layouts and making everything look right.  I love it! 

This assignment was to take 3 personality words and put them in a meaningful layout.  We had to use the four types of font (serif, sans serif, script, and decorative), 3-7 colors, had to draw at least 3 shapes, and had to do it in a way that showed the meaning of the words.  How do you think I did?  (excusing the poor picture quality and streak the lab printer left me as a parting gift)

I say "I love art school" at least once a day.  Sometimes it's even "I can't wait to go to school tomorrow."  This weekend, I missed it.  I'm not sure if this is normal behavior, or if I'm just in my honeymoon phase... but I am so on cloud nine.

Hope your week is treating you right as well!


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  1. Lovely post - it's so wonderful when you love what you do:) I think your sketches look great!

  2. I told you that you would surprise yourself! I love the coming to life drawing. So cute!