Thursday, October 11, 2012

Name that TV show!

I'm going to say something that I've been needing to say to you all...  I LOVE T.V.!  Whew, okay feels good to say that out loud.  Or type that out loud?

Some of my favorite shows are no longer with us, and have moved on to that big T.V. place in the sky; some I have watched faithfully for several seasons; and some are new.  And I love them all.  Such a big waste of time, I know, but until I have kids, my nights are free to stare at a screen and pretend the characters are not only real people, but real people who would be my friends in real life... that's normal, right?  Ah well... 

So, fellow T.V. lovers of the world, are you ready to play?  Name that show!

1.  Nick and Jess are totally meant for each other... and I can't get enough of Zooey Deschanel.

2.  When I was in high school, my family visited Wilmington, North Carolina, and I'm proud to say I bought a shirt that says "Pacey's Girlfriend."  And I may or may not still have it... and wear it...

3.  Even though I've seen one too many horrible explosions, crashes, tragedies, deaths, and breakups, I'm still a faithful fan of those Seattle doctors.  At least Meredith is somewhat getting it together.

4.  Just when I'm ready to say Jay is my least favorite adult on the show, he does something so heartwarming that I fall in love with the old man all over again.  But I just can't live without Phil or Cam... they are hi-larious.  And yes, when something is really funny, it is pronounced high-larious.

5.  If I were rich, I would totally have Jeff remodel my home.  But only if I could meet Gage and Jenni.

6.  Theresa is killing me on the reunion show... I mean what is going on?!?!  She used to be one of my favorites but now watching that show is almost so stressful I can only take it in small doses.

7.  Haley and Nate... one of my favorite couples.  And I loved him, but gosh darn it Lucas, open your eyes all the way!  Not every scene requires all that squinty serious emotion. 

8.  Sheldon:  "This is silly.  It's just a blue jay, not a dangerous bird like a swan or a goose!"

9.  Ted, I love you, but I'm ready for you to find your wife!  I mean honestly...

10.  A long long time ago, a man named Ben loved a girl who made a really bad hair decision... but that's actually when he realized he loved her.  And then they kept screwing things up for themselves and each other... did they even end up together??  There was also a coffee shop and a loft... and a swim team.

I would LOVE for you to name these shows!  And let me know if you love them too!  Are there any good ones I'm missing that I should definitely be watching?

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  1. Sadly, I know all of these, so I won't steal them all. Modern Family was SO GOOD last night. No Happy Endings??

    1. Oh yes! I'll have to have a part II some day...

  2. Oh, oh! I'll play! I watch an embarrassing amount of TV as well. I work from home, and sometimes I just need the background noise.

    1. New Girl
    2. Dawson's Creek (Pacey 4-Eva!)
    3. Uh... Grey's Anatomy? Maybe?
    4. Modern Family
    5. Flipping Out!
    6. RHONJ (I mean, seriously. Compulsive liar, anyone?)
    7. Um...
    8. Big Bang Theory
    9. HIMYM (I actually stopped watching because it's just taking too long.)
    10. Hmm...

  3. 10. Felicity...and I actually liked the short hair.