Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Abstract Pastel Self Portrait

Art teachers must love to have students draw self portraits, because this is my third one in my first year of school. 

If you missed my first two, here's my digital portraits here, and my painted/ stamped one here.

This one, we did with soft pastels, and it had to be abstract using complementary colors.

We were asked to take time studying our face in the mirror, and thinking about the planes of our face and what basic shapes each feature looked like.  Some of my shapes were just too weird... I hated making my nose like a triangle or rectangle, and even the basic circles for eyes were not doin' it for me.  I tried a couple close-eyed versions, and turning my nose to the side in profile, and that was better. 

So here are some of my sketches along with my first try which I didn't love. 

And here's the final version along with some close ups!

I blended everything on the face, smoothed the streaks in the hair to make them less dramatic, added some highlights and left the background streaky with a smorgasbord of lines.

What do you think?  Kinda creepy, right? 

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Friday, February 22, 2013

that one time i drew the unclothed mannequins

Here they are in all their glory.

Snicker, snicker... giggle, giggle... tee hee hee...

But in all honesty, I am so proud of this one (Though PLEASE ignore that horrible bottle!  I mean come on, Emma, ugh.)  I am incredibly happy with how much I've learned and grown in a few short months. 

I was nervous to draw "humans" because I haven't taken the life drawing class yet, but I ended up loving it.  My favorite part is the speckled front mannequin, I like the dimension I think I was able to give her, especially in the collarbone area and head.  I also like the left side of the drapery and the antlers. 

In other news:  this is my 100th post!  Perfect.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the saga of the pastels

I mentioned in my last post that I've been struggling somewhat with using soft pastels in drawing class. 

Well, here's how it all started. 

I spent a whole day doing this drawing, my first pastel drawing, and then about 10 minutes after finishing and cleaning up, I was hit with the worst stomach flu ever of my life.  I then spent the next two days feeling sorry for myself and for my also-sick husband.  And I began associating my horrible nausea with my pastel drawing; therefore scarring me for life. 

Seriously, I couldn't even look at my art supplies or those cups or reindeer or any part of that still life for days.  When I had to go to drawing class 3 days later, I was practically horrified. 

But alas, me and pastels are working on our relationship, and I think it's about back to 100% okay with each other. 

Sooooooo, back to this assignment.  We had to set up a still life with an analagous color scheme and draw it using pastels, with some parts realistic and some parts abstract.  We could pretty much decide how it would all work together, but it was practice for our next 3 big in-class pastel drawings, which are to be realistic, then abstract, then non-representational. 

Here's how the drawing went.  I decided to simplify and abstract the tulips, ornaments, and apples.

And a side by side for my mom :)

I'm happy with how it turned out, but ARRRGGHH that was a bad day!!!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Illustration Friday- WOOL

This week's illustration topic was wool!  Fun!  I couldn't wait to try out something new, and here's how it ended up. 

I love the look of a mix of traditional and digital techniques, and I've really been wanting to play with it more to see what I can come up with.  So here's how I got this particular look.

We've been working with soft pastels in drawing class, so I thought I'd give them a try this week to draw some sheep.  To be honest, I've been struggling with them for some reason, so any chance to use them more is a good thing.  Then I added a streaky sky with my watercolor pencils.  And here's the image I started with:

Not too pretty yet.  But I knew I was going to just use it to play around digitally, so it didn't have to look great or finished at this point.  So first I scanned it and deepened the colors a bit in Photoshop.  Then I took it into Illustrator and tried the different live trace settings to see how I could get it to look. 

I ended up liking parts of the Color 6, Simple Trace, and Comic Book versions, so I saved each of them and then took everything back into Photoshop.

That's when I got to have fun, cut apart the images, use the parts I liked & delete what I didn't like, mess with the layer modes, rearrange, flip, duplicate parts, change the colors, and basically collage everything into my final image!

How do you think it turned out? 

You can go check out all the other "wool" themed illustrations at Illustration Friday!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Illustration Friday- Wheels


As soon as I saw last week's topic of wheels, this image almost immediately came to mind after deciding to go with pinwheels.  Isn't he cute?  I sort of think he's my husband as a kid. 

The stomach flu chewed us up and spit us out earlier this week, but I had to get this entry in just at the buzzer!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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