Thursday, April 25, 2013

Abstract Pastel Drawing

School update!
One of our drawing projects this semester was to take a still life and abstract it.  We first drew the still life realistically (mine had a pedestal, grapes in a small pot, two flowers in a large bottle, a leafy plant in a pot, flourescent lights and poles in the background, and lots of tall leafy greens in the foreground). We then studied the objects and broke them down into basic shapes.  Then we did some sketches and chose one to be our final drawing while focusing on shapes, lines, overall composition, and a split complimentary color scheme.
We could decide to what extent the abstraction was (mine was on the far end of the spectrum), what colors to use, how the objects would be arranged, if we wanted it to be flat or have dimension, and if the space would be realistic or ambiguous. 
Here's about halfway through, as I was getting my basic colors in place:
I gave some objects some sort of dimension with some highlights, and I wanted my space to be ambiguous- so I tried to have my objects "fall into" each other, overlap in odd ways, and not make a lot of sense. 
Close to being done, with some colors that have yet to be blended & some spaces yet to fill in:

I really like how it turned out!  It has been, by far, my favorite drawing to complete.  The process was enjoyable from beginning to end.  I think abstraction is my thing. 

And here's some details with just a few of the many many many things my amazing drawing teacher has taught me! 

I love you, school!

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