Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Summer Fabric Designs: Crickets and Fireflies

After a few months away from Spoonflower, I finally got back into it this summer.  I've been entering many of the weekly contests, which has been great practice and a lot of fun. 

Two of my summer designs were for the crickets and fireflies contests, and here are my designs.


I have to say that I was really happy with how each of these designs turned out; however they didn't do too great in the contests.  Go figure.  I can never predict which designs will make it to the top.  I usually vote for about half of them and the other half is always a complete surprise.  Therefore, I have to remember to design things I am happy with and know that not everyone will love it. 

I tried something a little different with my fireflies design.  I colored in the fireflies freehand using the brush tool.  I like how it looks imperfect, like they are doodles in a child's coloring book, making it a great design to decorate a kid's room with. 

The great thing about Spoonflower now is that you can also buy wallpaper, wall decals, and wrapping paper!  Wouldn't these be fun to wrap a child's birthday gift in? 

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