Sunday, September 28, 2014

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

Today I have an awesomely easy fall wreath tutorial for you!  Just in time to beautify your door from now through Thanksgiving.

Here are the materials I used.  I had two colors of burlap ribbon (you could have just one) and I also used pumpkins, but you could use any light weight plastic craft-type fall decoration you choose.

So let's get started.
STEP 1:  Hot glue one edge of the burlap ribbon to the back of your wreath.  Wrap and twist loosely, leaving space in between, all the way around and secure again on the back with hot glue.
STEP 2:  Repeat the same procedure with your second color of burlap, and each ribbon color that you have chosen. 
** Don't worry too much about how it looks as you wrap.  I loosely made sure to cover the wreath with the burlap and then roughly placed the ribbon where I wanted.  Since it is only glued at the beginning and end, there is still a lot of wiggle room to fluff your wreath how you want it to look before the next step and again at the end.
STEP 3:  Take time to fluff and place your burlap and ribbon more how you want it.  Hot glue your decorations in place.  I placed mine in a cluster at the bottom and off center.  I moved the burlap and ribbon aside slightly to glue the pumpkins directly to the straw wreath to make it more secure.  This step took the longest because I had to hold each one in place while the glue dried.
STEP 4:  Use your wire cutters or strong scissors to cut the flowers from the stems, leaving about 2-3 inches of stem.  Weave the stems through the holes in the burlap to secure the flowers in place.  I let the burlap hold them in place, but you could also add a little hot glue here as well. 
STEP 5:  Fluff your burlap and ribbon one more time until your wreath looks how you want it to look.  Use ribbon or twine at the top so you have a loop to hang it from.  And that's it! 

I think this is my favorite wreath to date.  I also have a summer wreath tutorial that can easily work for fall if you prefer a sleeker look to your wreaths!  Let me know what you think and happy fall everyone!

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