I'm Emma.  My husband is Andy.
We have two awesome cats, Baby and Pepper.  Don't they look super fun?

We grew up in Indiana, and now live in Iowa.

We love the midwest, but also love to travel every chance we get.

Andy and I have been together since we were 17 and looked like this.

We got married in October, 2008...   and bought our first home in 2011.

Andy is an engineer... and a self-proclaimed "tinkerer"... but I think he wishes he were a farmer.

I used to be a special education teacher... but then I resigned... and now am a graphic design student.

I remain passionate about kids with disabilities and literacy.

I love to learn, which may be why I probably hold the world record for most colleges attended (5) without earning a higher degree. 

I recently opened Boju Designs on Etsy for my photos and digital art.

Boju is named after my parents, Bob and Judy.

I love to read fiction books and play games that make me laugh.

I grew up watching Dawson's Creek and will remain true to those actors for all time.

I really like cake.  And dancing.  And cake.

Here's what I call "the cool collection."  I just love to laugh and really don't take myself too seriously.

So if you like cake, cats, books, dancing, or Dawson's Creek,
then we should definitely be friends.

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  1. hahaha. it makes me laugh just to see a picture of those games.
    p.s. i didn't know you had/read "one day". what did you think?

    1. Yep I read it right after the movie came out, and then rented the movie later. I liked both, but wouldn't want to read or watch it again... would say more but I don't want to give anything away!