Friday, August 3, 2012

DIY Foam Board Wall Art

I want to show you guys how to do this pretty simple, pretty inexpensive, and just plain pretty DIY wall art!

I saw this once on HGTV I think, when they needed some art to fill up a wall before the open house.  When we bought our house, I gave it a try and it turned out great!  This bad boy is hanging above our guest room bed (it's about the same width as a queen mattress).  It's a great way to fill up a large space. 

Here's what you need.  You could substitute spray glue for the mod podge (I've used both), and probably some other glue instead of the hot glue.  Whatever suits your fancy.  But this is what worked for me.

Start by cutting your foam board.  I decided to first cut four large squares, each 12x12 inches to fit a full piece of scrapbook paper.  Then I used the remainder of one piece of foam board and cut three smaller squares and two rectangles.

Tips I have for cutting foam board, if you've never done it before, are to make sure your blade is sharp and to make two cuts- one to cut through the top and the second to cut through the bottom.  I think it cuts cleaner that way.  I used a big piece of thick particle board to cut on top of, because of course the knife will cut all the way through- so please don't ruin your floors or cut yourself!  My husband would add: "Always cut away from your body." 

Once the pieces were ready, I tried some different layouts until I was satisfied with how it looked. 

Next, I laid the paper over the boards to see which patterns and colors I liked together.  Then I cut the paper to fit the board, and attached them together with mod podge.  Here's where you can use spray glue instead, or whatever you prefer.

I was glad I took pictures along the way, because I used the camera to check back and see my layout!  Everything got all mixed up when I was modging and podging, so I was thankful to have a guide.  I let the pieces dry and then got them all set up to hot glue together.  Then I hot glued and that was it! 

Here's the final product, ready for hanging.  I think he's going to live in the basement above our couch.  We're brightening up the kinda dark basement with some new paint this weekend (yesssss), so I'll have to wait to hang it up for a few days.  I think it'll be be-yoo-tee-ful, so I'm excited to see it up on the wall!


The total cost for this project was only about five dollars!  The foam board was on sale (two for $2.99 I think) and the paper was on sale (25 cents each) too.  Everything else I already had. 

The total time spent was probably around an hour, maybe even less. 

So what do you think?  Does anyone else get some great ideas by watching HGTV?  I'm so glad I caught whatever episode this was on, because I love the way this project turned out!

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  1. Brilliant idea! I would love to make some bright decoration to our bedroom, but still keep it simple. Your decoration is just like that!

    1. Thanks so much! It really is easy, and so fun to pick out the paper! Any chance to buy scrapbook paper, I call a good day :)

  2. How fun! We are moving our boys into the same bedroom this weekend and making the other room a playroom...I might have to do this to fill up the otherwise empty walls. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Christine from the EBT

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It's great for filling up an empty wall and adding tons of color!

  3. Fabulous! I always buy my foam board at the Dollar Tree-one piece for only $1. It's the best value for foam board that I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for that tip! Very good to know.

  4. Wow! This is fabulous! Thanks Emma for sharing your beautiful artwork to help us decorate our living spaces, and thank you Carrie for the tip about Dollar Tree! You gals rock!

  5. I love this idea - I'm going to use some of my black and white card stock to mix in with photos that I also mod-podged. Thanks for the tutorial!