Tuesday, November 20, 2012

holiday blog break

Hi everyone-

I''m not sure if I do or don't have any regular followers out there, but if I do, I know I owe you this post!  I have fallen off the blogging wagon the last few weeks, and I'm sorry to say it looks like I'm going to be off the wagon probably until after New Years.  Yikes!

School has been really busy recently, and I know it's going to stay that way for 3 more weeks.  It's been so busy I've been forgetting to take pictures of my projects to show you!  Darn it. 

And then Christmas is coming!  And I get reaaaallllyyy busy with planning, making, and buying gifts for my family and in-laws!  I take it very seriously :)  (I just love giving gifts- sometimes I get so excited to watch someone open my gift I about have a heart attack in anticipation.)

I hope to post here and there in the coming weeks.  Actually just typing this post made me really miss it!  So... maybe I'll be back sooner than I thought... ;)

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  1. I figured school was keeping you busy! I've missed your designs in the Spoonflower contests lately. School is definitely more important. Look forward to seeing your amazing artwork when you can spare some extra time to share it with us all!! Be well Emma and have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving with your family! -Tara

  2. Glad you're back...kind of. Kind of back, not kind of glad :)