Wednesday, May 30, 2012

One Sad Garden

This was our garden on Monday morning.  How sad is that?  Thank goodness for the flowering bushes and nice green hostas that have survived in spite of my neglect. 
And yes, those are mums from October that I never took out of the plastic pot. 

We decided it was time to help this garden out of it's rut.  So we journeyed to the greenhouse and came back with these lovely additions.   

We went with lots of new flowers this year! Exciting stuff.

Can I just say that I really really really... really... don't like gardening.  I want so badly to enjoy it, but I just don't.  When we moved into our new house, I was thinking, "Yes, this is it!  In my new life, I'm going to be an amazing homemaker and gardener!"  Well... I did plant the garden last year, and I took pretty good care of it, but it's definitely not at the top of my "I really like this" list. 

I should be embarrassed that I just left all the dead flowers there all winter, right?  And all spring?  That's not normal, is it? 

Anyhoo, we fixed her up all nice and pretty on Monday afternoon.  But then before I could snap an after picture, this happened.

And this.  Yes, it hailed. 
Was the hail really necessary?  I was pacing around inside like a crazy person, asking Andy if we should go put an umbrella over the little helpless flowers.  It's because we have this gutter problem, and all the rain loves to pour over the edge at this one corner.  Last year, one of the hostas got a little beat up.  We aren't sure if it was because of the rain always pouring right on top of it, or if it was a rabbit. 
Do rabbits eat hostas? 

Well anyways, the little troopers survived the storm and are still looking great!  So finally today I was able to get a good picture.  And here she is! 

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  1. yay yay yay i love it! come make me a garden (i don't like gardening either... must be in our genes)

  2. Your garden looks great! I wish we had an outdoor space. Also, I love your flower photos and especially liked the line "Was the hail really necessary?"