Thursday, July 12, 2012

Invisalign Photo Update

Hi!  So I've just started week 7 of my Invisalign treatment, which is my 4th set of trays.  I was curious how different my teeth really are, and I thought some of you might be curious, too.  Here's a photo update.  I tried to point out things I have noticed, as well as what I know is happening based on conversations with my dentist. 

I know that these differences are subtle, but I can definitely see and feel the changes.  This week, I seriously feel pressure on my bottom teeth that are supposed to be rotating. 

These suckers hurt like heck the first few days when I have to take the trays in and out.  It really feels like my teeth are being ripped out of my mouth.  The good news about this is that it's only for about 5 seconds.  So I KNOW that this is better than having braces as a kid in the 90's (which I never did).  At least according to Andy.  He tells me sick stories about getting his braces cranked tighter and tighter, and it sounds miserable.  I think one difference is that you would get your braces cranked about every 6 weeks (is that right?) and I change my Invisalign trays every 2 weeks, so they aren't changing as much each time as getting braces tightened.  Does that make sense?  Of course, I'm no dentist, so that theory may not fly. 

So as much as it hurts to take them out and chew the first few days, I really don't notice much pain when they are in my mouth doin' their thang.  Some soreness, sure.  But I kinda like that because it reminds me that yes they are moving!  Halleluia amen. 

Real smile update!

Can anyone else see the difference in my front teeth?  See how invisible the attachments are?  You can really only see the side ones, but I have them all across my front teeth!  Two on each of the front teeth!  Pretty cool I'd say.  And no, my "before" teeth aren't really that yellow, it's just a yellowy tinted picture.  Although I WILL get a free whitening treatment when I'm all done, so that is another bonus! 

If you're new here, you can check out my Archives page to see my other Invisalign posts.

Anyone out there thinking about getting Invisalign?  Have it now?  Let me know if you have questions!

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  1. It may go unnoticed at first, but your two front teeth moved apart a little bit. It's true that we only noticed the side portions of the teeth, which they finally came out from hiding. And since your Invisalign is still in progress, I'm sure your set of teeth will continue to become better. After all, your post would encourage your readers to try that procedure for themselves.

  2. It’s like taking one step at a time, right? But I can truly see the changes already! Kudos! Just a heads up: avoid exposing your retainers to excessively warm water as it could deform it. This is because Invisalign braces are usually made from resin (plastic).

    Avis Charland

  3. At first glance, we can hardly see the difference but looking closer, you can see slight changes. :) You’re still on the period of completing your Invisalign braces and I am expecting better results after that. Do you have new updates with these? I hope you can post more. Thank you.

    -- Seth Webster