Friday, August 24, 2012

Hands off my Crayons

This week's contest theme is school supplies!  I'm so excited to check out all the fabrics and vote for my favorites.... because, well, I love school supplies!  Especially crayons.  Those were just the best things to buy and use.  I mean, come on...

They're beautiful.  They're colorful.  They're organized.  They come in huge boxes which hold approximately one million of them.  They have cool labels.  They have a distinct smell.  If you get a big enough box, the colors will have amazing names.

How could I NOT choose to create my fabric based on these little guys?

Now, go vote!

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  1. I love your design Emma! I love the colors! It's awesome how you made it so this design can be used by both kids and adults. Since it's getting into fall I keep thinking what a fun scarf this would make. -Tara

    1. Ooo, the colors would look nice in a fall scarf! Thanks for the idea :)