Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Digital self portraits

So one of my classes right now is Digital Imagery, where we learn all about Photoshop.  I've done some things in Photoshop with photos, but this was my first project where we worked exclusively with the paintbrush tools.  It was challenging, but really fun, and I got to explore my style a little bit.  We had to paint our own self portrait, using a photo and sampling the colors from it to paint ourselves in a new layer.  The final digital portrait is completely painted, with no part of the original photo showing through.

Here was my first one, which I didn't really love.  But it was really good practice with different brush tools and shapes, blending the colors, and using lots of layers and effects to get the smooth look to the skin and trying to get the hair right.  It took forever!

Do you recognize it?  (Looks like I forgot the earrings... oh, and the slight bags under the eyes...)

Here was my second one, which is the one I turned in.  I LOVED this style so much more!  It was made with bigger blocks of color, blended just lightly with the smudge tool.  I was going for an impressionistic look, and I am so happy with how it turned out.  (The colors look off because I printed it and then photographed it... the colors are much better in person.)

And here's the original photo.

How do you think they turned out? 

I am just so happy with all the things I'm learning!  I'm so thankful every day for this opportunity I have to be back in school and to be creative daily.  It feels amazing.  I have so many new goals and dreams for my future I think I could just explode!  In a good way.

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  1. i like the second picture too :) you could actually frame that and hang it in your home!

    i've never used photoshop :(


    1. Thank you! I feel like I could earn a whole 4 year degree just in Photoshop- there's so much!!