Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Smile for the Next (almost) Year

Announcement:  I decided to straighten my teeth. 

I had always liked my teeth and smile, with my slight overbite. But when my wisdom teeth grew in, my teeth shifted and caused some crowding and an overlap of my two front teeth.

I'd been thinking about getting Invisalign for a while, and finally went for it this spring. There were some suprises, like the attachments.  The ads never show you these little attachments that may need to be placed on the fronts of your teeth.  I get why they're necessary, but I still don't like them.  My dentist has been great though, and has made the whole process feel easy breezy.

And here's my new (but temporary) smile.  I've had them for over a week, and I'm getting used to the way I look, but I do wonder what other people think.   I feel the need to explain to everyone what's going on in my mouth, because I don't know if many people know that Invisalign may look this way.  Or even what Invisalign is.  I wonder if they look like weird growths, or fangs or something. 

But hey, I feel blessed and lucky to live in this modern day where something like this is even possible.  Until next time, I'll keep trying to smile at strangers without feeling like a vampire. 

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