Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Saturday Recap: What He Said

Funny story from Saturday:

I had just finished my most favorite design ever for the next Spoonflower contest.  I mean I was super proud of myself.  I showed it to Andy and here's what went down.

Andy: It's not my favorite thing you've done.
Emma:  What?!  I love it!
Andy: (pause)  Really... I like every other thing you've done better than that.

Oh my gosh my life cracks me up.  It's amazing we ever like anything the same, because many times we are the complete opposite.  I will never forget standing in Bed Bath & Beyond for what seemed like days, holding the wedding registration scanner, staring up at the wall of towels, and we could not come to a decision for the life of us.  I wanted pretty colors, he wanted white.  But really, white towels?  (A few years later, he said "Why did you let me get white towels?)

So anyways back to the design story... Later that day:

Emma:  I can't believe you said that!  I love that design!  I hope you know that's going on the blog.
Andy:  I'm just being honest.  I usually love your work, just not that.
Emma:  ...and that's going on the blog, too.


So we shall see!  We decided it will be interesting to see how it does in the contest, to see which of our tastes appeal more to the masses.  Voting starts Thursday!  If you want to vote for me, go here!  You can vote for more than one, so pick all your favorites!

Here she is in two color schemes.  I chose to enter the grey and yellow one.  The contest theme is stars and stripes.

So who's crazy, me or him?

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  1. i like it! different from your other designs but that's a good thing! looks like yellow and gray color combos have been on your mind!!

  2. Thanks, I still really like it, too!

  3. i can see where he is coming from. it is just a different style from your other designs. i like it though.

    1. Yeah, the more I look at it, the more I understand his points, too. I do appreciate him being honest, it's good for me!